Which Australian pharmaceuticals could be under threat from Isis?

The Australian pharmaceutical industry is at risk from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), as the organisation attempts to expand its reach into the region, according to research by Australian research group, IRI.

Read moreThe research, published in the Journal of Public Health Management, found that the Australian pharmaceutical sector is the biggest risk to Australian life.

The group looked at all pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, including research and development companies, and found that all of them have significant exposure to the Islamic terrorist group.

The research identified four key areas of concern in the pharmaceutical industry.

The first is the use of prescription drugs in Iraq and Syria.

These drugs are used by the IS to treat patients, and some are used in executions.

“One of the biggest risks we see is that these drugs have been sold in pharmacies in Iraq, and people have been dying,” IRI senior researcher and co-author Andrew Langer said.

“The reason for this is that prescription drugs are prescribed by people who have no experience of dealing with a pharmaceutical company.

They’ve been given these drugs by friends and family, they’ve been using them in the family and they’ve got a prescription from a doctor who has no experience dealing with the pharmaceutical companies in Australia.”

The research also identified that the use and sale of prescription medications are an important part of the recruitment of new recruits for Isis.

“A lot of this stuff is being done in Syria, in Iraq,” Dr Langer told News24.

“There’s a lot of the [Syrian] government’s propaganda, so we’ve seen propaganda that says, ‘You have to join Isis.

You need to take a medication that makes you feel better, and this medication will make you feel worse.'”

And this is the sort of propaganda that we see being used to recruit people into this group.

“Dr Langer says there are a number of pharmaceutical companies and suppliers in the region that are now being targeted by Isis.

The second area of concern is the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

The researchers found that in some cases, there is a strong correlation between the production of pharmaceutical drugs and the recruitment to the terrorist group of people from the Australian community.”

It’s not necessarily that they are being recruited to fight with them in Iraq or Syria, they’re being recruited because they can make money in this market,” Dr Rohan Moo, a researcher at the IRI and lead author of the study, told News 24.”

In some cases the people who are going to join this group will also make money from this market, and there is also a strong link between the sale of pharmaceutical products and recruitment.

“The third area of worry is the misuse of pharmaceutical medications in Australia.

The study found that there was a strong association between misuse of prescription medication and the growth of the Islamic terror group in the Middle East.”

This is a very real risk to the lives of Australians,” Dr Moo said.

The fourth area of risk, Dr Lager said, is the abuse of the Australian drug industry by the Islamic group.”

These are the people that have the potential to make a lot more money, but they’re also the people with the potential of being recruited into the group, and we’ve also seen some of the people being exploited,” he said.


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