The next big VR gaming console? Phathom makes a headset that could make it happen

Phathom Pharmaceuticals, a company founded in 2003 by Ph.

D.s who were searching for a better way to deliver prescription drugs to consumers, is making the world’s first VR headset.

It is a headset with built-in motion tracking, which Phathom says is ideal for people who are looking to get into virtual reality, but who may not have access to a PC or other hardware.

“The Oculus Rift is great for VR but there’s a lot more to it than that,” said Ph.


Josh Wojtas, Ph.d. of computer science at the University of Southern California, in a statement.

“We think that it’s really going to change how people experience VR and the way they can access it.

We think the VR headset is going to revolutionize the way we interact with VR.

The Phathom VR headset, we believe, will be a catalyst for VR to become a mainstream medium and a viable option for consumers.”

The Ph. d. and Ph. s.

Wojtsa and his co-founder, Phastri Ramakrishnan, also created a new kind of VR gaming platform called Ovr, which is meant to provide a “high-performance” headset with a large amount of memory that is small enough to fit in a backpack.

The company says the Phathom headset is the first of its kind that will use real-time positional tracking to allow users to walk through a VR game without needing to remove their headset, even when using the Rift and Oculus Touch controllers.

“Our vision is to be a gaming platform that is as simple and accessible as possible,” Wojtkas said.

The two also said the device is “comparable to the current generation of gaming consoles.”

A lot of VR developers are working on the Oculus Rift, so it’s not entirely clear how this is going for the VR industry.

Oculus VR’s CEO Brendan Iribe said that Oculus had no plans to release the Ph.


VR headset until at least 2017, but that’s a little too late.

“There is a lot of room for improvement and improvement is always going to be necessary,” he said.

VRFocus will continue to follow VR and other virtual reality developments as they unfold.


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