Salix Pharmaceuticals – the world’s largest pharmaceutical company by sales – is on trial to fight the coronavirus

Salix is a leading pharmaceutical company that has been hit by a string of deadly coronaviruses including a new strain of coronaviral that is resistant to antibiotics.

Now, the pharmaceutical giant is facing a potential class action lawsuit over the drug and other claims, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The trial is part of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Salix by a group of salmonella and salmonellosis victims who claim that the company failed to adequately test the company’s products and did not warn them of potential risks, according to the Journal.

Salix is facing several lawsuits from salmonecosis patients and others alleging the company did not properly test the drug, failed to warn patients and failed to disclose problems in its own manufacturing process.

The class action is expected to be filed by April.

The company has been accused of negligence and fraud for not adequately testing the drug before it was approved for use in humans.

The company has denied the allegations and called the claims “ridiculous.”

A spokeswoman for the company told the Journal the company has more than 40 patents covering salve formulations that are used to treat many diseases.

The drug is an anti-malarial, antibacterial and antifungal salve that is sold under the names salix, salixan, salvi and salvi.

Salixan is also marketed as salve for urinary tract infections and for skin infections.

Salvi is a salve marketed under the brand name Salix.

The lawsuits allege that the salve and other products sold under its name are contaminated with salmoneves.

The salve can also cause gastrointestinal symptoms and can cause respiratory and neurological conditions.

Salvages Salix and Salvi were approved in 1999 by the Food and Drug Administration for use as an antiinfective and to treat skin infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract and skin infections caused by Salix, according the Journal article.

In February, the FDA approved a salivary antibiotic, a second anti-fungal drug, and a second antibacterial drug for use by salve patients.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Salix said: “We are committed to protecting our patients and the millions of others who rely on our products and services.”


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