Income Documentation

The most favored documents are a 1040 or Social Security check.  However the majority of Americans applying for these programs won't have these, so you need to find the most successful alternatives. 

Try these: 
 W2 from last years employers
 Pension or retirement statements
 2 most recent paystubs
 bank statements showing direct deposits of income and source. 

Don't have any of these?  There are 2 more options:
- a letter from your doctor stating your current financial situation
- or a notarized letter from yourself stating your financial situation.

Please note none of these are guaranteed to suffice - it is up to each individual drug company to decide what to or not to accept.

Didn't file taxes last year?  It doesn't hurt to fill out and sign a 4506T to show the company they can search for a tax transcript and won't find one. Find the 4506T form here ( website).Search for "Form 4506T' and fill out line 1,3 check box 7 and sign.