How to trade the pharmaceuticals sector: A guide

The drug industry has been a dominant force in the global economy since the dawn of humanity.

In the past 10 years, it has helped push up healthcare spending in every industrialized nation and its stock has gained roughly threefold.

It’s also helped drive growth for the technology sector, whose stock has grown more than sevenfold.

But the sector has also faced a barrage of regulatory changes over the past few years that have disrupted the industry.

A look at the companies, companies, and industries in the pharmaceutical sector.

The Big Picture The industry’s growth was fueled in large part by the growth of a handful of companies.

The first to gain traction were the pharmaceutical companies that specialize in creating and selling medicines.

The companies include Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb. 

Companies that manufacture the medicines are the biggest in the industry, but there are dozens of others that produce and sell other drugs, including specialty pharmaceutical companies.

Each of these companies, collectively, account for nearly 80% of the market.

The pharmaceutical industry’s big players: Merck Pharmaceuticals and Bristol Myers SquibbsThe largest drug maker, Merck is the biggest player in the world.

It has an enormous business and it’s the one that’s really driving the market for drugs.

The company’s blockbuster drug, Takeda, was approved for human use in December 2013, and it has already been approved for the treatment of diabetes.

It also has the world’s biggest patent portfolio.

In fact, the company has nearly a billion patents, according to Bloomberg.

The other big drugmaker in the business is the largest maker of the insulin GlaxoSmithKline, or GSK.

The drugmaker was founded in 1897, and its patent portfolio is about 10 times larger than the entire pharmaceutical industry.

The combined patent portfolio for GSK and Merck stands at about $3.8 trillion.

The drugs and the companies that make them are important to the overall industry.

They are key to the profitability of the company and to the economy.

They help keep drugs in pharmacies and in people’s hands, which is key to keeping the country’s GDP going, according the US Department of Health and Human Services.

As of September 30, Merk’s market value was $11.9 trillion, and GSK’s was $4.3 trillion.

Merck shares are up 7.4% year to date.

The stock price is down 10% this year.

The industry is dominated by a few players. 

Bristol-Myer SquibbersPharmaceutical companies have long been the dominant players in the U.S. pharmaceutical market.

They dominate the industry by creating and distributing drugs, and they’re also responsible for most of the drug’s profits.

This year, they’re the largest in the country, according a Bloomberg survey. 

Pharmacy sales: Merkel’s plan to turn around America’s drug supply chain has resulted in huge price hikes for many Americans.

The biggest increase in prices has been in the specialty drugs market, where prices have soared by more than 60% in the past year. 

Premiums have skyrocketed in the private insurance market, which accounts for about 20% of sales, according Bloomberg. 

There are two big players in that market: Pharma Pharms and PhRMAPharma has a long history of making drugs, starting with the first generic version of insulin.

It acquired AstraZeneca in 1999 and later acquired Roche for $2.2 billion in 2007.

The price of insulin doubled each year between 2006 and 2012. 

In 2015, Pfizer acquired the rights to make the drug, and the company also bought Astra.

Pfizer’s plan is to bring back the insulin drug, called xtrajol, and launch it in 2020. 

With Astra, Pfiser plans to market the drug to more patients and make it more affordable.

It plans to sell xtrapol in the first two years, but only after its price increases are cut in half.

Pfiser also plans to launch xtramedx.

In 2018, Pfisers investment company Pharax sold its stake in Pfizer, and other companies have taken over the company.

Pharmakers also own stakes in a number of other drug companies.

These companies include Astra and AbbVie. 

The industry’s stock is up 5.4%.

The Big Pharma players are on the risePharmaPharms is the company that’s been making drugs since 1899.

Its drug portfolio includes the insulin drugs xtrafasumab, xtremipill, and xtraglutide, which are in the treatment for several diseases.

Astra is a generics drug. 

AbbVies is the giant drug maker that has been making generic drugs for nearly 30 years.

Its portfolio includes more than 70 drugs, most of them generics.

Astana has its


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