How to stop the spread of herpes in a safe way

The world has been plunged into the latest outbreak of herpes, but as the number of new cases continues to climb, one pharmaceutical company is aiming to cut down on the spread by introducing a novel type of vaccine.

A study published in the journal Nature Biotechnology has found a vaccine that is designed to prevent infection in the first 12 weeks of treatment could be the best option to stop patients from contracting the virus.

The vaccine has already been developed and has already cleared clinical trials in the US and the UK.

However, the researchers say it is still not as effective as the existing vaccines available.

This new vaccine could be used in the next few months in the developing world, as well as in the West, to help combat the pandemic.

The company, called Regeneron, has already announced it will begin testing its vaccine in the coming weeks in developing countries.

Its vaccine, called a recombinant gp120 vaccine, is a combination of two proteins from the herpes virus and the recombinant herpes virus protein.

The researchers say they believe the combination protein, which is present in both gp120 and gp120A, is the key to the vaccine’s success.

The virus does not normally mutate in a similar way, which makes it particularly difficult to make vaccines, the scientists said.

It is also difficult to infect healthy people, which means the vaccine must be administered in a way that minimises the risk of spreading the virus in the lab.

The new vaccine is expected to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration next month.

The first phase of clinical trials have already been conducted in the United States and the Netherlands, the study said.

However the company is yet to report a success rate.


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