How a Russian rocket company got its name and its drug name from a Russian scientist

Posted April 05, 2019 14:14:58Zydus Pharmaceuticals, a Russian pharmaceuticals company with offices in Russia and Ukraine, has been dubbed the “rocket pharmaceutical” of Russian science.

A report in Forbes magazine claims that the company’s name and the acronym zydushin have its origins from Russian physicist and rocket scientist Vladimir Zydus, who is best known for developing the hydrogen rocket, and is also known for his work on the isotope nuclei and other rocket technologies.

Zydushins work was described by Forbes as a “sophisticated engineering process” in which an electron is produced and “a small quantity of protons is carried off with a rocket engine”.

In a press release, the company said it was the “original rocket pharmaceutical” and said it has been developed using the technology of the original Russian rocket scientist, Yuri Gagarin, who launched the first nuclear bomb in 1961.

“Zyduskin has developed a unique process for creating rocket propellants, which has become the basis for the rocket pharmaceuticals market,” the company stated.

“Our product is designed to be more environmentally friendly than the typical rocket pharmaceutical products.

Zyduskins product can be produced on the premises of the company, with no toxic or toxic chemicals used.”

The company has been working on a range of innovative medicines and technologies for over 20 years, and says it has developed products that are “well-known worldwide, safe for human consumption and safe for the environment”.

The company said in a statement to the ABC that it “exists to bring people a high quality product that can help them live longer, healthier and happier lives”.

The news comes just months after the Russian government issued a decree banning the production of certain pharmaceutical products in Russia, and the company has said it is exploring legal options.

The Russian Federal Drug Control Service has said that “the decree is an attack on the legitimate development of the pharmaceutical industry”, and is expected to have a broad impact on the industry.



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