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Q: Are there any programs for over-the-counter medications?

A: Very few, and they will be listed with the others on the drug name/company list. (CLick here for access information) Any that are available still require a physician prescription and signature.

Q: I can’t seem to find the name of the drug I’m taking on the list.

A: Not all medicines have programs available. If you are taking a new medicine it may not be available yet, and if you are taking a medicine that has been around a long time the drug companies may no longer offer a program for it.

Q: Are these programs available outside of the United States?

A: This website is dedicated only to US residents. At this time we are unaware of programs available elsewhere but you may want to check with your Department of Health or Medicine.

Q: Can both my spouse and I qualify for free medicines?

A: Yes. In fact if one of you qualifies, the other should too if you share a household and one doesn’t have prescription insurance. However you will have to apply separately to each program.

Q: What happens if my doctor changes my medication or stops it?

A: If it is a change in dose then send/fax the new prescription to the company so you can receive the appropriate amount. If it is discontinued then notify the company so they don’t send you any more.

Q: What if I have partial prescription coverage or can't afford my co-pay?

A: If you have prescription coverage on an ongoing basis you will be ineligible, even if your co-pay is high. However, there are some exceptions. If you have reached the cap that your insurance company will pay, or if your insurance does not cover a particular medicine at all, there are some programs that you may qualify for. You will need to contact the specific company and ask their policy. There are also programs available for very specific diseases that may help with co-pays. See and click on the left on “Financial Assistance for Specific Diseases”.

Q: What if I'm not eligible for this program? Is there any other help available?

A: There are discount programs available, some are listed at You may also find help for specific diseases at and click on the left on “Financial Assistance for Specific Diseases”.

Still have questions? Email [email protected] As this email is not continuously monitored, please allow for a generous response time.