‘Dancing’ on the ‘Bong’ is one of the biggest hits from LIPs new ‘bong’ video

LIP founder and CEO Eric Lippert was thrilled when his company launched a video of dancers and musicians dancing in the company’s newest product.

The video, which has since racked up more than a million views on YouTube, features Lipp, who is also the founder and executive director of the Bong and Lips Beauty Company, dancing to the B-52s “Lip Bong.”

The company’s latest product, LIP’s B-5-Lip, is a new facial mask for people with allergies or sensitivities to limes and/or citrus oils.

The product is available at and LIP Beauty in the U.S. and the U of A in Canada.

Lipp said the company had been waiting for a better time to launch B-Lips, and the company is thrilled with the response.

“The first thing I heard is the word ‘bongs’ in the name,” Lipp told the crowd during a Bong-Lipp event at the Canadian Pavilion in Toronto.

“So I was like, ‘Oh, that’s amazing, that sounds like a cool name for a product.'”

The B-1-Bong mask, which Lipp referred to as “a real big B-lounge,” comes in a variety of styles and flavors.

The B-3-Bup and B-2-Bumba are the most popular, and are made of two types of rubber and are available in three different colors: green, white, and black.

Lipp added that his B-Bongs are made to withstand harsh temperatures and humidity, which makes them ideal for allergy sufferers, people with asthma, or people with other conditions that require masks.

He also said B-Bs are “designed for a lot of different things,” such as children, pregnant women, and those with heart problems or asthma.

In the video, the dancers also talk about their B-S, which is an anti-bacterial cream.

The company said the cream, which it calls B-N-P, is currently in clinical trials and is currently on sale in the United States and in some European countries.

Lip is already known for the B5-R and B5L, which are “superlative” products that have been used by many celebrities to combat allergies.

LIP also sells an Ozone Mask that uses a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, including a mixture of zinc oxide and magnesium oxide.LIP’s Lips products are also available in a number of countries.

It is now available in more than 130 countries worldwide, and Lipp also says he has a $100 million order for a new product, which he says is in development.

“I’m still looking for partners and whatnot,” Lips said.

“And I have a lot more products in the pipeline.”LIP and Lupin Pharmaceuticals have also launched an antihistamine, the B8-Lupin, which they describe as “100 percent effective.”

Lipp added the Bup and L-L-B are available to order in the LIP online store.

“We’re going to continue to expand the product line,” he said.


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